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VP Leni Robredo’s Dream to become the Next Cory Aquino is Fueled by the President’s Remarks

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President’s martial law remarks in Mindanao saying that if local officials won’t help in solving the insurgency problem there, he’ll resort to martial law. Not to extend his term because he can’t advance his career anymore. He is even willing to give the presidency to Vice President Leni Robredo if he can’t solve the problems with the rebels.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: 24 Oras: Pres. Duterte: Tulungan ninyo ako or I will declare Martial Law tomorrow in Mindanao

The President’s Plea

The president repeatedly said that he does not want to declare martial law in Mindanao. Since the rebellion now becomes an obvious terrorism and can destabilize the government. He is then compelled to do his duty to protect the Filipino people. He warned; “Either you help me or I will declare martial law tomorrow for Mindanao.”

Presidential Order

The president promises support to obedient officials who can be in trouble pursuant to his order. He takes responsibility in witnessing to the Ombudsman that he specifically ordered governors and mayors to use necessary force and to kill if necessary. Police officers should not be afraid to get into trouble because at this time all have cases at the Ombudsman.

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Concerted Effort?

Earlier, Vice President Leni Robredo accuses Bongbong Marcos as the one behind social media attacks against her. She compares this to the alleged media propaganda during martial law days. Isn’t it Ninoy Aquino, the mastermind of the propaganda against Marcos? Why is Robredo trying to change history?

Leni Robredo: The Next Cory Aquino

Leni Robredo can only be overjoyed when the fed-up sounding president says that he can give the presidency to Leni Robredo to prove that he is not into extending his term through martial law. The VP is an advocate of the Liberal Party objectives and the most powerful critic of the Marcoses. Her win is patterned following the plight of the late Cory Aquino who is Ninoy’s widow. She could not be in the limelight if not because of her husband’s death, former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. Perhaps, she’s closer to her dream if not intercepted by Marcos’ electoral protest against her.

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