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VP Retaliation: Robredo Slams Back to Foes through her Speaking Engagements on and off line


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo is struggling to survive the political battle because she chooses to fight her foes through retaliation. This could mean that sooner or later she can be exhausted. An impeachment complaint is filed against her at the House of Representative by “Impeach Leni Movement.” It just awaits House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’ sponsorship as required by law.

Youtube video from; Eagle News
[VIDEO]:  Vice President Leni Robredo may soon face an impeachment complaint.

Second Impeachment Complaint

Atty Butch Rivera’s case is already the second complaint filed against Robredo. The first one was by lawyer Oliver Lozano and Melchor Chavez. It has no endorser yet from the House. The House Speaker is still studying the submitted details to see if there are merits to continue the impeachment process.

More Reasons to Impeach

The group of Rivera is also in the process of putting in some supplemental allegations because they allegedly found several more shady deals. “The UN speech is not the major reason; it’s just a collateral reason. We have more reasons more damning,” he said. It is evident here that they really want to pin down the VP.

Retaliation is Robredo’s Way

The VP is obviously the most hated public official in the country.  Unfortunately, her retaliation tactics are not just working. Instead, they made her look so desperate. She continues to make headlines because of the Liberal Party’s media, making her an icon of hate among the anti-LP people.

Icon of Hate

Black media propaganda has been the weapon of the Liberal Party to destroy their political enemies. The Marcoses and the Binays are their popular victims. In spite of that, social media beat them. The voice of the people has found an outlet to let their sentiments be known and it is not favorable to Robredo. Instead, her continues online and verbal responses boomerang to her thus resulting in her failure to win the hearts of many Filipino citizens.