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VP Robredo is Molded Like Cory Aquino to Block Bongbong Marcos’ Proclamation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is very obvious that the yellow media are raising against time to raise any negative issues to support the Liberal Party’s quest of blocking Bongbong Marcos’ proclamation as the real winner for the Vice Presidency. They know for sure that once the preliminary conference of the electoral protest filed against VP Leni Robredo is set to motion, the majority in the Supreme Court will favor Marcos – just like with his fathers “hero’s burial.”

Youtube video by; Thinking Minds
[VIDEO]: #Nagaleaks : Former Jesse Robredo’s ally speaks out about the lies.

Modern Day Joan of Arc?

The yellow armies are desperately in need of somebody like Cory Aquino who knows nothing but ambitious enough to claim that she’s a catalyst in the massing of millions of people on Edsa that led to the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ stepping down from the presidency to avoid bloodshed in 1986. The truth is, Aquino was just riding on with the EDSA mutiny staged by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan. Just like former President Fidel V. Ramos, she just joined later after hiding with the nuns in Cebu.

Damaged Goods

At first, the Liberal Party is eyeing on Senator Leila de Lima, who is the greatest detractor of the President. Later they realized that she’s one of the damaged goods. She has a scandalous life like sleeping with her driver while she was DOJ secretary. Now, they look at Leni Robredo who is still justifying herself after Nagaleaks that narrates all corruption stories of her family – just after she got over with LeniLeaks. The latter is the alleged revelation of her involvement in the plan to oust the president.

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Robredo’s Nagaleaks Response

She swears that her detractors can’t keep them quiet. Robredo is insistent that Nagaleaks is far from the “truth” about the Robredos. It is again another misinformation to discredit her online. She added that they have no sins against the Filipinos – and she has nothing to hide.

Robredo vs Marcos

Despite not hearing any signs of progress from Marcos’ electoral protest nowadays, the substantial events captured by the investigative media about Comelec Chair Andres Bautista’s recent visit in Malacanang palace and Pastor Boy Saycon’s witnesses of the massive fraud allegedly orchestrated by the Liberal Party during the elections made them nervous. Perhaps, the reason why the very first impeachment complaint is filed against the president to get rid of Marcos’ support system. Don’t you think?

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