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VP Robredo turns into a Script-Reading Video Rebel Revealing a New EJK Scheme


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo uses the Office of the Vice President for attacking the current administration on its war on drugs. She has turned into a speech-reading video personality that aims to reach out to human rights bodies. The script may have good ideas and principles in handling problems related to drugs – but shouldn’t the VP be leading its implementation instead of just going on video speeches to criticize the president and his campaigns?

Youtube video by; Ph News Review
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo is criticizing human rights abuses being committed in the Du30 administration’s war on illegal drugs.

Own VP’s Inciting to Rebellion

Contrary to the president’s statement that VP Robredo is not part of any destabilization efforts, a new video upload shows her plea to human rights bodies to help stop extra-judicial killings allegedly spearheaded by the administration. In a recorded speech uploaded on YouTube by an anti-drug network named DRCNet Foundation, Robredo urges the President to re-focus his campaign against poverty instead of the drug war. The video will be shown at the “Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War.” It is an event organized by DRCNet Foundation for the 60th U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting on March 16, 2017, at the Vienna International Centre.

Right Strategies that She can Lead as VP

Robredo suggests that the drug problem should not be treated as “one that can be solved with bullets alone.” It is true that it is a public health issue. It must be regarded as a complex public health issue coupled with poverty and social inequality. Robredo cites alleged human rights abuses committed by authorities in poverty-stricken areas in Metro Manila as the administration pursues its war on illegal drugs. Why can’t she do what she suggested using her office instead of criticizing the government that she serves?

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Palit-Ulo Scheme

Robredo reveals a scheme wherein authorities allegedly takes a family member when the original person on the drug list cannot be found. “The ‘Palit-Ulo scheme’ literally means exchange heads where another relative substitutes the missing person on the drug list,” Robredo discloses.

Call of Support

At the end of Robredo’s speech, she urges the public to recognize their rights. She calls on them not to back down on any human rights violation in the country. As a lawyer, she can advise the people the proper channel where to get legal help. PAO perhaps? She can also create a center in her office to assist these kinds of complaints. It is not clear how Robredo would want the people to fight back if this happens to them. Therefore, it is sensed here that she is just inciting rebellion using a mere rumor against the authorities. Perhaps to ignite the people’s sentiments against PDu30’s administration?

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