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War with China Warning: The Sound of the Seventh Trumpet Analysis

Hilario Andes By: Hilario Andes
Even the destruction of our country was written. . . . . a nation called and mentioned 41 times as the ” ILES OF GOD ” in the BOOK OF ISAIAH. The SOUND OF THE SEVENTH TRUMPET is not a book written and authored by a mortal. It is a compilation of celestial messages of Seven Archangels led by MICHAEL – Michele – appearing one august day in 1983 with a certain BRO. HENRY HAYROSA at Mindanao, PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES as willed by the ARCHANGELS, with its own Library of Congress Catalogue and read by the American People and Leaders. . . . . relegating upon them the obligation to come to our aid in the very near future.

From the Book of Revelation: 7th Trumpet

It’s all written from the destruction of the Philippines to its rise after the war with China that can be interpreted as World War due to the participation of super powers coming to the aid of the country versus China and their secret weapons and unlikely allies.

Listen to the call and for the church to prioritize God’s messages and not that of men:


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