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Watch out how the Communist Rebels react to Duterte’s threats


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is not only the rest of the Filipinos who did not vote for President Rodrigo Duterte’s are fed up with his bad mouth but also the communit rebels after he issued “ultimatum” for them to stop landmine attacks or else he would disregard peace negotiations.

The President had this to say at the Davao City wake of four Army troopers killed in an ambush by the New People’s Army recently. The bombing disfigured the casualties, based on the government television’s report.

“Either you stop it or we stop talking. Either you stop it now or I am ordering the government panel to come home,” he said in a nationally televised speech, while standing in front of funeral wreaths. “I am not pleading this time. That’s an ultimatum. I hear another explosion killing people, not only soldiers, killing people, no talks, pasensiya na [I’m sorry],” he forcefully said.

The President added that the rebels couldn’t hold the military accountable for such alleged violation of the Geneva Convention on war crimes – if they continued to use landmines and will not obey his ultimatum. Will they or more bombings to come as they always do after such threats are televised from Duterte?


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