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Watch Filipino families grieve over Drug War Deaths: Do they satisfy you?

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte means well but always, results do not justify the means. Drug abuses can be solved only within the family. Not by fear and threats. It will be more efficient when there’s support from the government. Killings cannot solve the problems. In every drug criminal killed, there’s more than three Filipinos grieving and end up hating the government.

[VIDEO]: Images of grief and fear loom the bloody streets of Manila as President Duterte's war on drugs is being conducted by the empowered policemen with a license to kill from the top to defend self when necessary - but often used without maximum tolerance...

Hate multiplies so peace is impossible

Regardless of the fatalities are guilty or not, they are known and loved by their families differently than how the police or the public judge them. They are just normal Filipinos who strive regularly for their family's sake. Does this satisfy people who are afraid of drug addicts due to reported crimes committed by their co-addicts in the past?

Empowering the Drug War Forces

The President repeats his order over and over again during his speeches in front of the men in uniform. He gives assurance that no police would ever go to jail for doing his job pertaining to the drug war. He adds that he is willing to accept being ousted or eliminated if that's his fate - but will never stop the drug war.


First 100 Days in Office Rating at 74 means he got consenting citizens

Duterte thinks that the approval rating of 74 is high. He gives 65 to his own performance. Most of these people are not familiar with human rights laws and the outcome of similar strategies in other countries that failed. So far, no matter how bloody the drug war is, it continues. So as the hatred of the surviving families who would do everything to avenge their dead.

What if Trump becomes America's President?

Two hot-heads are not good news for stable diplomatic relations. It is unlikely that Trump would accept that the strategic benefit of a long-term close relationship between Washington and Manila outweigh the short-term costs of Duterte's diplomatic affronts. Duterte's arrogance also would not linger with Hillary Clinton. However, continuing diplomatic ties  remain to be seen.

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