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Watch How Former First Lady Imelda Marcos Retains Her Composure for Being Greedy – of Giving it All

Imelda Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Throw her stones and they go back to you as bread. This is how the former first lady really is. Newsweek’s package on the history of greed that included a photographic parade of the greediest figures of all time includes Imelda Marcos. She is featured in line with Genghis Khan, Charles Ponzi, and Bernie Madoff. She is the widow of former strongman, the late Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

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[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos’ take on her inclusion in Newsweek’s Greediest People of All Time list

False Accusations on Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos achieves notoriety for her fashionable taste. Her natural glamor is often criticized citing the average Filipino living on less than $2 a day. She is accused of jetting to New York and Rome for allegedly $5 million shopping spree which she denies. Her impressive collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes is wrongly connected to her luxurious living when most of them are from skilled shoe makers in Marikina, the industry that she supported.Her rouged cheeks, jade earrings, and blinged-out ring fingers are an envy. They are used by critics as proofs to her modern materialism.Apparently, Marcos admits being greedy of giving.

Greedy is Giving

This response of Marcos perhaps sent the Newsweek writer off his chair when she said; “greedy is giving.” She added that she is a first lady for 20 years. You have to be greedy first to give to all. It is natural. The only things we keep in life are those we give away. The writer then continues to criticize the jewelry on her.

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Newsweek Writer has no Sense

This Newsweek writer looks at the perfectly matching flower brooch and purple necklace she’s wearing during the interview. In his shallow mind, he thought how she chooses to say “be greedy” and “give to all,” when they could support several Manila families for quite some time? Perhaps the writer is not experienced enough to know that giving money to the poor justlike that won’t help them at all. He should research more on what the Marcoses have done during the golden age.

The Response is the Key to Solving Poverty

If the Newsweek writer did not get it, Imelda Marcos knows it very well that giving it all out to the people means excellent public services like the hospitals, educational establishments, and infrastructures as she mentioned. The Heart Center, the Lung Center, and many more are just few projects they give out to the people. Their govenment budget at that time cannot support all of those. Aside from their wealth acumulated even before her husband becomes president, who can say no to them for sponsorships or joint-ventures at that time? All for the sake of the Filipino people which scares other nationalities. Especially when a World Bank whistleblower discloses that the richest country is the world is the Philippines, having such enormous gold reservers under the World Bank and IMF, deposited by the late Marcos for the welfare of humanity.

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