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Watch Supreme Court Spokesman Theodore Te Reads the Resolution that Junks Robredo’s Motion

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court Spokesman Theodore Te reads the resolution that Leni Robredo is directed to pay the deposit within a non-extendable period of five days from the notice of the resolution. As such, it deferred action on Bongbong Marcos’ omnibus motion to dismiss her electoral protest until she complies.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) on Tuesday ordered Vice President Leni Robredo to pay the counter-protest poll fee.

SC Maintains its Resolution

In its resolution dated March 21, the SC ordered Robredo to pay P15.44 million for her counter-protest payable in two parts — P8 million and P7.43 million respectively. The same order was given to Bongbong Marcos to pay P81.46 million. He deposited P36 million on time and bound to pay another P30 million on or before July 14.

The Law is Clear

It is clear that under Section 33 (b) of the PET rules, protesters are required to make a cash deposit amounting P500 per contested precinct, “this is if they require the bringing of the contested ballot boxes and election documents to the Tribunal.” The counter-protest of Robredo requires so, therefore, it is misleading for her counsels to twist the rules.

Marcos’ Omnibus Motion to Dismiss Counter-Protest

Bongbong Marcos’ omnibus motion to dismiss Leni Robredo’s motion is deferred only until Robredo complies. Meaning, if she does not, the dismissal will be tackled. If she pays which she already said she will, the electoral protest’s preliminary conference must already be set in motion.


It is the hope of the people for the recount to start. This is to determine the legitimacy of the Vice Presidency. As of now, Robredo cannot get the full support of the Filipinos because many doubted that her political group, the Liberal Party committed large-scale fraud to make her win – to block a Marcos’ return to the executive office.

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