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WAZE Review: Nightmare in Manila’s Worst Traffic Jams

Waze review

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Metro Manila, on an urban level, was named as having the “worst traffic on Earth,” based on a global evaluation conducted by Waze, a GPS-based navigation app.

[VIDEO]: See the ordeals of commuters in Manila from getting on a public transport, squeezing inside crowded buses or jeepneys and spending lots of time on the road.

Worst traffic on Earth

According to the survey, Manila, on a city level, ranked number one with the “worst traffic on Earth” with Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Jakarta not far behind.

Government Efforts

The Philippine government has proposed various rerouting to ease EDSA Road. This is a major thoroughfare in Metro Manila. Others are the implementation of the Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police to untangle traffic, the opening of alternate routes dubbed as Mabuhay Lanes, and the construction of modular steel bridges in five areas.

WAZE Review: Longest Commute Time

Manila again topped the survey for the longest minutes spent commuting from home to office with an average time of 45.5 minutes. The survey recorded Jakarta with 42.1 minutes of travel time.

Senate Pressure

Senator Grace Poe also comments during a senate session that the government is not aggressive enough in solving traffic problems. This is contrary to the war on drugs.

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