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What’s in a Name? Du30: Imee Marcos is the ‘Josefa’ of the Filipinos

Imee Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In the president’s introductory message of Governor Imee Marcos among the Filipino community members in Riyadh, PDu30 discloses her real single name which is; Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos.

Youtube video from; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday night said he prefers to call Ilocos governor Imee Marcos by her actual name, Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos.

 Imee Marcos is Part of the Delegation

The eldest daughter of the late president Ferdinand Marcos part of the president’s delegation in his state visits to 3 Middle Eastern countries. Marcos said that she requested to join to check on the situation of overseas Filipino workers.

Payback Rumor by Detractors

Duterte has said jokingly that the Ilocos Norte governor donated to his presidential campaign in the 2016 elections. Marcos, however, denied giving money to Duterte but admits to thoroughly promote him.

The Heroine

Josefa Llanes Escoda is a Filipino heroine being compared to Imee Marcos as the modern day Josefa. Known as the “Florence Nightingale of the Philippines” she is a great civic leader and social worker – just like Marcos. She was a well-known Filipino fighter of women’s right of suffrage and founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines or GSP.

Bound for Heroism

Bearing the Marcos mark, Governor Imee Marcos is expected to implore greatness for the Filipinos. Many look up to her effective local governance that improves the lives of her constituents. It is not a guess that she will serve on the national level soon with or without the president’s endorsement.

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