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How WhatsApp is Used in London Terror Attack


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Police in London recently discloses that the communications sent by Khalid Masood, the London attacker just before the terrorist rampage must be enquired. They can be pieces together to solve the case. Masood sent a WhatsApp message to an undisclosed person prior to the attack. Unfortunately, the message’s content and its intended recipient can’t be read by police because they are encrypted.

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[VIDEO]: Minutes before the terrorist rampage in London on Wednesday, attacker Khalid Masood sent a WhatsApp message to an unknown person, authorities said Sunday. The message’s contents — and its intended recipient — can’t be accessed by police because the popular messaging service encrypted them, a top British security official said.

Chat Apps

Chat apps that promise to prevent your messages being accessed by strangers are under scrutiny again following last week’s terror attack in London. On Sunday, the home secretary said the intelligence services must be able to access relevant information. Her comments followed the discovery that Khalid Masood appeared to have used WhatsApp minutes before carrying out his killings. Read more:

WhatsApp Encryption

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has criticized WhatsApp’s use of encryption to protects its users’ communications, in the wake of the Westminster terror attack. It has emerged that the attacker, Khalid Masood, sent a WhatsApp message moments before launching his assault, and Ms. Rudd accused the Facebook-owned app of providing terrorists with a place to “hide”. Here’s more:


A Cover Up

In difficult times there are difficult questions that need to be asked. After Khalid Masood smeared life over the tarmac on Westminster Bridge, butchered a policeman, and went running to look for more infidels to slaughter, the difficult questions are piling up fast. Like what made him a butcher? Slashing a man in the face in 2000 stabbing a man in the nose in 2003 – serving time inside for his crime. Details here:

WhatsApp Horrified

Masood used WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, just minutes before the attack that left three pedestrians and one police officer dead. Dozens more are wounded, The company spokesperson said in a statement that they are horrified at the attack and vow to cooperate with the investigation.

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