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Who is Confused? Bongbong Marcos or Robredo on Bicol Election Tally?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo’s lawyer Atty. Romulo Macalital blames his confusion to Bongbong Marcos because he can’t understand his motion to decrypts the ballots. Marcos asks to revise or recount the ballots in his election protest. The intrigue intensifies when Marcos includes the Bicol region particularly Camarines Sur among the pilot cities for such election recount noting that it’s Robredo’s bailiwick.

[VIDEO]: Hudyat na ba etong pagalaw ng Comelec na nabibilang na lang araw ni Robredo. Ano ang mangyyari sa protestang eto. Eto kaya ay may papuntahan o baka naman maghahanap na naman ng diskarte etong si Robredo para mas patagalin ang kaso. Ano ang susunod na mga hakbang ng dalawang kampo.

Decryption Expense

Macalintal cannot believe that Marcos can afford the decryption cost. “How Marcos would pay the tremendous and huge cost of decrypting these ballots. The estimated cost to decrypt one precinct is 6,000.00 pesos or a total of 218,790,000.00 pesos?”, Macalintal inquired.

Erroneous Tally

Atty. Vic Rodriguez of the Marcos’ camp is confident to show how Robredo drastically reduced Marcos’ the more than one million lead. She even ended up with only 263,473 votes overall lead over Marcos. Rodriquez quips that even how erroneous the tallies are, they can prove that the 3 pilot provinces can justify the anomalous question to their favor.

Election Recount Evidence

Marcos points out the missing votes of Escudero and Honasan who also have family ties in Bicol. The evidence garnered from the Binay Camp on Honasan’s votes shows the same thing. It looks like almost no one in Bicol voted for Honasan when he actually won the senatorial race. For sure, he has his own followers.

Marcos Pays the Price for Real Democracy

It is not worth to pay the enormous sums of money that are bound on Marcos’ motions just to become the Vice President. The salary won’t compensate for his loss. But as he said earlier, this is not about him anymore. This is about the restoration of people’s rights to vote. That each vote is accounted for as real democracy dictates.

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