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Why Does Robredo Act Like PET’s Denial of Bongbong Marcos’ ARMM Tech Test is her Big Win?


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Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo is happy to know that the PET denies the appeal of Bongbong Marcos to allow the tech test of voters’ records. This is for the three provinces in Mindanao in connection with his election protest. It lacks merit, the SC said. It is a puzzle why Robredo acts like it’s a big win for her. She knows very well that ARMM is not part of Marcos’ pilot areas that can make or break the protest. But a mere clearing out of motions to give way to the recount.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that the revisors need to tech examine each signature in the voter’s list. This is to make sure that the vote is cast by the real voter. Leni Robredo opposes the appeal. Not a big deal for the Marcos Camp. Just to clear the backlogs to proceed to the recount.

Maligning Marcos

It is needless to stress that Marcos cannot demand from the Tribunal to act as his evidence finder. She knows very well why the SC has to deny this. During the Preliminary Conference, the PET announces that they have to set aside the motions first to get to the second course of action of Marcos’ protest.

Contented with the Pilot Areas

Marcos welcomes the PET’s decision to do the recount at the soonest possible time. He is confident that recount of ballots from the three pilot provinces can clearly show the anomalies. Those are the basis of the PET to determine if Marcos’s protest shall proceed. Examination of other provinces can continue after that or the protest may be dismissed for lack of merit.

First Full Payment Ever for a Protest

Marcos has full confidence in the PET. This is the very reason why he files the electoral protest against Robredo. He has paid in full also prior to the deadline. This was not the case in the past protests that Robredo’s Lawyer, Romulo Macalintal talks about. Robredo still has to settle her balance of around 7 Million Pesos for her counter-protest.

No Clue or Just Over-Acting on the Tech test?

If the public is like the old times who believe in what the media shows, the people are again misled. Nowadays, most people learn to analyze and verify events as they happen. Why would she think that the denial of the Tech test is her big win when it paves the way for the recount that she ultimately tries to block?

Denial of ARMM Tech Exam Does Not Affect Bongbong Marcos’ Pilot Provinces

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