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Why Worry if the President is Missing, when Robredo is Available?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President can’t help but throw some bluffs to the media after reappearing from more than 5-day rest. He said that he thought that he was on an MRI that’s why he can’t move. Then he realized that the funeral staff mistakenly placed him in the coffin.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The president joked that if he’s gone for more than 5 days, he could have been dead already. However, there’s nothing to worry about because VP Robredo is there.

Why Worry when there’s a VP?

It is observed that most anti-administration politicians are the ones who worry about Du30’s not appearing in public for few days. Take the case of the opposition lawmaker, Gary Alejano who said; “The absence of the president from the public is very unusual, especially when there is still an ongoing crisis in Marawi.

Robredo’s Job

A medical expert is always on standby to attend to Du30 as required. He recently skipped the Independence Day celebrations. Vice President Leni Robredo stands in for him. This triggers speculations that he is not well.

Palace’s Answer

The Palace rejects speculations on Du30’s health. Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that the leader is not suffering from any “major sickness.” “You have to consider he was on the road for 23 days. It was really brutal so we have to allow him to have time to rest. He is taking some time out.”

Why Worry?

It is not certain that of all people, it’s the opposition members who are anxious to learn that the President might be dying. As he said point blank that if they want to replace him immediately with Robredo, they can always pray that he would die sooner rather than later. To think that Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is now in motion, it is surely beneficial to them that the President can be incapacitated quickly or their nightmare can happen.

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