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Where Will Anti-Marcos Protesters At Luneta Today Be When Bongbong Marcos Becomes President?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is sad to note that the anti-Marcos protesters especially their organizers and masterminds still did not get it! It has been decided by the majority of the Filipino voterts that Bongbong Marcos will soon be president. This is evident when the President Rodrigo Duterte, the bearer of the secret alliance between Bongbong Marcos, the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. former Vice President Jejomar Binay and Duterte himself won during the last presidential elections. It was never a secret that all of them endorsed the coming back to power of a Marcos through Bongbong.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Iba’t ibang personalidad, nakiisa sa kilos-protesta sa People Power Monument

Wake-up Protesters the Current Administration is Already Capitalizing on the Alleged Hidden Wealth

What can you gain from not knowing the truth? The Marcoses have not stolen the conutry’s wealth but secured it for the welfare of the Filipino people through the woorld bank. Prior to Bongbong Marcos’ presidency who is the heir of the gold shipment documentations and the recognition of the World Bank as the Jr. of the depositor, Ferdinand E. Marcos, a brilliant president can already make use of the gold reserves without widrawing them. He can just borrow money against the reserves for the country’s development. The Philippines immediately become the fastest growing country in Asia when Duterte loaned some capital for the development of the nation’s infrastructure especially in the transportation sector.

Why hold Bongbong Marcos accountable to Martial Law Abuses and not Ramos?

Stay with the facts people. It does not make sense to hold Bongbong Marcos for the alleged sins of his father that are unfounded anyway when he was still a lad – and out of politics. Why not go after the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary who were hands on to the alleged crimes committed by the police? His joining the Edsa revolution does not free him from his previous responsibility. Ramos must be held liable for those unfortunate events and not Marcos.

Can you Deny that the Strongman was not a soldier and previous president?

How do you fine a hero? OFWs are called the modern day heroes because of their regular remittances that are drivers of our economy. The former President Marcos was not only a soldier but a Medal of Valor awardee. He did not get the recognition for nothing, It’s the highest form of award in the military. The only qualification for the Heroes Cemetery burial is for him to be a soldier or former president. Other details will not fall anymore in that category.

The Anti-Marcos Protest gives way to the Pro-Marcos Gathering

It is evident with what’s happening that the Pro-Marcos groups are now alerted and already making moves to stage an even bigger rally. Bigger than nothing you’ve ever seen held in the Philippines. Remember, it’s an alliance of Duterte-Marcos-Santiago and Binay that can easily accoun to 34 millon voters as shown in the last national elections even with the alleged cheating by the anti-MArcos.

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