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Will Leni Robredo become a Pride of Bicol or a Shame?

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From : BINAYBrigade HQ

Bicolandia is a place of THREE simple joys not only for Bicolanos but for visiting local tourists as well. Anywhere at the six provinces especially in the rural areas can be found ” sili or lada ” in bicol, ” HUPI OR NATONG “, which come from the gabi plants and siling labuyo in the tagalog region and coco milk or gata from compressed coco meat. Most of the time, it is the old folks and adults of the region that utilize these three ethnic ingredients to cook ” PINANGAT “, called laing in manila and in tagalog areas. I had personally seen the care and devotion and pride that my grandparents evoked when preparing and cooking and preserving Pinangat in a meticulous art-work like manner. NOT ONLY THAT. The sili shrubs of from 2 to 3 feet in height and the natong gabi plants which grow up to 2 feet are so cultivated, nurtured and guarded such that when strong winds and typhoons come, 3 small braces drilled 3 inches below ground, pyramid-looking are tied to the fragile trunk of the sili shrubs so they can withstand the winds and torrents AND SURVIVE THE DAY. Likewise, The Hupi or Natong plants are covered with sacks to protect the leaves from the rains and winds. IT IS TRUE THAT EVEN BEFORE THE HOUSES ARE STRENGTHEND AND ATTENDED TO FOR THE TYPHOONS, our folks prioritized the Silis and the Hupis. THIS IS HOW BICOLANOS LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF THINGS THAT MAKE THEM HAPPY AND PROUD.

As events now unfold in our country, President-Elect Mayor Digong now sees our nation as a SILI AND A HUPI, or perhaps a Davao Durian, which should be taken cared of with the same pride and devotion SENSING THAT A WHIRLWIND IS ENGULFING the four corners of the land. HE NOW LOOKS AT OUR LUMAD, TAUSOG AND MARANAO, TIBOLI, B’LAAN, MANGYAN, IGOROTS AND TAGBANUA and CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS as a SILI, A HUPI and a DURIAN.

Meanwhile in Bicolandia, thousands now doubt whether the Bicolana candidate will still be afforded the same care and devotion she used to cherish as a housewife of THE GOOD JESSE, who as many are unaware, is one of only two who was awarded the United Nations Award for Public Service.
And meanwhile the world over, THE SOUND OF BONG-BONG is reverberating like THE BELLS OF BALANGIGA of Samar during the Philippine-Spanish battles at the turn of the 20th century, like the GONGS of the Ming Dynasty roaring like triumphant lions when The First Sultan of the Sultanate of SULU, Sultan PADUKA ALLAM KIRAM was received at the province of Mei Zu by Emperor YONG LI and his loyal warriors in the early 1400s. From Paris, to Belgium, to Hongkong, to Malaysia, to Singapore, to Manila, to the school campuses all over the country, YOU CAN NOW HEAR THE SOUND OF THE BELLS OF BONG-BONG resonating as clarion calls for war.

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