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Will Leni Robredo investigates Jesse’s death now that she’s already in power?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Congresswoman Leni Robredo’s controversial win for the Vice Presidential race was very timely coinciding with her husband, Jesse Robredo’s birthday who died in a questionable plane crash. Perhaps, pro-Lenis took it as good omen – but Marcos loyalists interpreted that as a reminder to push through with the investigation of his death.

As circumstance dictates, it was also a widow in the person of ex President Corazon Aquino who unseated Bongbong Marcos’ father, the late Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country progressively who’s reputation was destroyed by the late then Senator Benigno Aquino’s media propaganda as he aspired to replace Marcos.

The Filipino people are asking; why didn’t the two Aquinos who became presidents refused to address the said assasination of the older Aquino and really dig down deeper to punish the people behind it? If this question is not acted upon, it will remain a speculation that their own blood killed Ninoy – just to get the sympathy for the widow. In today’s happening, it will be Leni Robredo who is under the microscope by the public as far as the death of her husband is concerned. Is she a poor victim or a willing accomplice?