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Will Robredo Say Never to 2022 Presidency if Bongbong Marcos Runs?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo is often judged as too ambitious. She explained that the Vice President’s ultimate function is to be prepared once the president is incapacitated to perform his functions. It is natural to misjudge the Vice President – but to those who knew her, they know that it is not her ambition, she said. Robredo added that she will never run for president in 2022. What if Bongbong Marcos runs which seems like the case at the moment?

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: See Leni Robredo’s defense on the rumor that she is just waiting for the President to die.

Block Bongbong Marcos

She made it clear that the main reason why she ran for Vice President is to block Bongbong Marcos from the executive office. She echoes the vow of former President Noynoy Aquino. This is the reason why many people think that her Liberal Party did fraudulent acts for her to win and block Marcos. Will this still be the case in 2022?

What does she want to be?

Robredo wishes to continue working as Vice President without any distractions. She is threatened to be impeached. Marcos’ electoral protest against her is also scheduled to start rolling by June 21. Both camps prepare for this since they have to submit their briefs five days before the preliminary conference. She also mentioned that she is still struggling to pay the second deposit of P7 million to the Supreme Court.

Not Enough to Win

Robredo was pressed if she would stand by her statement or change her mind if five million would sign a petition for her to run. “I don’t think five million would be enough to make a candidate win the presidency,” she answered. Mike Enriquez, however, failed to ask her; what if Marcos runs?

Ready to Assume the Top Post

As per her mandate, she just has to be ready if something happens to the president. At the rate it is going, there seems to be a powerful force behind the president to prevent that from happening. Gina Lopez, a presidential appointee just got rejected by the CA and replaced by a military general with Marcos’ ideology in terms of mining. Some supporters of the president said that Lopez seems to be favoring some Liberal Party people or her family in some of her decisions recently. Most LP senators voted for her but they do not have enough number.

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