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Women are Bolder Leaders than Men

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Being bold and taking a risk are two different topics when it comes to leadership. Women are likely to show boldness than their male counterparts probably because they are the emotional being. However, me tend to take more risks than women but this is categorized not a boldness but rational thinking. Find out how you rate in terms of boldness by going through the check list in the link provided below;

When boldness is defined this way, women on average rank in the 52nd percentile of boldness, a few ticks higher than the average men rating of the 49th percentile. (It’s important to note that because of the imbalanced gender ratio of senior executives, there were nearly twice as many men in our data set as women.) While that doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it stood out to us because “men take more risks” is so ingrained in social science. Full story here:

Zenger Folkman added: We wanted to dig a little deeper, so we looked how this gap played out in different business functions. We saw that different functions had very different “bold scores” — both between functions and between men and women in the same function. Not surprisingly, the sales function showed the highest bold score, while engineering and safety showed the lowest. In every function, the women leaders had higher boldness ratings on average than the male leaders.


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