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Women with Class Like Imelda Marcos: Maxine Medina Credits her while Iza Calzado wants to Play her Character


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Miss Universe bet Maxine Medina’s wrong choice of word – “invented” instead of “popularized” creates a stir via social media for the wrong credit, saying that the former First Lady invented the Terno with the distinctively Filipino butterfly sleeves. She actually popularized it and deserves an enormous credit for doing so. Iza Calzado, on the other hand, wishes to have the chance to play the Imelda Marcos role.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO] Saksi: Pahayag ni Miss U Philippines Maxine Medina tungkol sa Philippine terno, usap-usapan online.

Hateful Bashers Does not have the Nationalistic Spirit

It is not wrong to call for the mistake of Maxine Medina via Tweeter that Imelda Marcos is not the inventor of the Terno with butterfly sleeves. However, bashers who are putting the candidate down just for not knowing is very un-Filipino. Medina’s achievement in representing the country in the Miss Universe pageant is already a great task accomplished by a Filipina.

Imelda Marcos cannot Please Everybody but she’s still an Icon

Imelda Marcos’ name might be tainted with media propaganda – but the truth reveals that she is vital in the country’s progress during the golden era days. She is hands-on to public services especially in health, agriculture, art, and education. She makes the country proud. Only the media discredits her for her shoe collection not knowing that most of them are gifts from Marikina shoe makers whom she helped.

Iza Calzado is a Classic Star with Good Taste

Iza Calzado’s post via social media is also bashed by people who do not know the truth about Imelda Marcos. She captioned this; “Decided to channel my inner Imelda Marcos for the party since I love shoes and I love wearing the Terno just like Madame Imelda,” she wrote. “Imelda Marcos.. I hope I get to play her for a film one day. What an interesting character study she would be,” she added. Iza is not only tasteful but also a very intelligent woman!

Filipinos must be Proud of Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos is a great image of a Filipina. She chooses a man who loves and cares for her while nurturing her talents and abilities. Contrary to media bluffs, real people can attest the excellent work she has done for the good of her constituents. During her time, she never fails to represent the country elegantly, intelligently and beautifully. Thus, making many powerful people envious of her. To this date, she excels in her capacity as a congresswoman and loved dearly by her people. She hopes that her son, Bongbong Marcos will become president someday – and that seems to be written in the family’s destiny.