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Wrong Video Showed by Trump to Malign Obamas’s $400-million payment to Iran


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presidential candidate Donald Trump really went out of his way to discredit the Obama administration in the hope that it will bring Hillary Clinton down in the presidential race. He claimed that the Iranians gave him the tape of the airplane carrying the $400-million payment to Iran in various currencies because they did not want the US dollars. They have accused Obama in funding Islamic terror through cash payments to Iran. Inn fact, it was verified later on by CBS that the video shows Americans landing in Geneva, Switzerland, that wasn’t provided by Iran.

Obama explained that the transaction with Iran was not a secret. The money was the return of Iranian funds from a dispute dating back to the 1970s. Sending money in dollars, wire transfer of funds or check were not possible because of U.S. sanctions, the reason why the payment was delivered in other currencies

Iran on the other hand said it was money owed by the US from an unfulfilled contract for U.S. fighter jets that the previous, Iranian administration which was an American ally had paid to the Pentagon. The aircraft were never delivered after the shah of Iran was deposed in the 1979 revolution – therefore, they demanded the payment back contrary to Trump’s accusation that they were ransoms paid to release American prisoners there which Obama denied because the US government simply will not pay ransoms.


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