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Zubiri Warns Trillanes: Give Status on Accusations against Binay and Duterte


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Miguel Zubiri is the very first senator who is firm to discipline the notable libelous fellow Senator Antonio Trillanes III. As the defender of the Liberal Party faith, Trillanes was once a very powerful politician spreading lies against political opponents. Now, Zubiri ain’t not letting it happen again – to use the senate as the stage for all media propaganda.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Zubiri and Trillanes’ heated arguments almost led to a fistfight.

Discipline Trillanes

Where is the case against Binay and Duterte? Zubiri demands from Trillanes. Why is this senator still allowed to speak in the senate when he cannot even prove his false accusations? Trillanes is just out on bail and he does not have credibility but why commercial media still airs his opinions? Are they bias too?

Not Letting this Issue Die

Legitimate online media is not letting this issue die in vain. Zubiri has the support of news platforms on the world wide web. Since misinformation is notorious in commercial media, online journalists are making sure that the truth comes out in every issue. Trillanes is definitely under close watch.

Zubiri on Trillanes’ False Accusations

Senator Zubiri is brilliant enough to question Trillanes that if his accusations against Binay and Duterte are true, why did he fail to file cases against them? Binay is accused of corruption and Duterte for having 200 million pesos worth of deposits.  Where is it now, said Zubiri.

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Media that Still Tolerate Trillanes are Bias

Any media that still covers Trillanes is definitely a bias media. One thing is certain. Trillanes is guilty of libel against Binay. He attacks the president because of his closeness to Bongbong Marcos, the great threat to his party. Whatever he says is a hoax – that only bias people believe. He should be disciplined to speak in public because he is giving the senate a bad name!

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